Outside School Hours Care

Management Software

Becklyn provides a web based platform that gives the freedom & flexibility needed in a Before & After School Care centre. With new features being added consistently with user feedback being used to generate a superior application.

Becklyn prides itself in offering a user-based product that aims to assist the centre with OSHC specific tools and features.

Our software is tailored to the niche needs of OSHC centres with integrations to essential external systems and processes.

Software Functionality


  • Mark The Roll On Any Device, From Any Location
  • Manage Bookings and Waitlist
  • View Parent Contact & Profile Information
  • Send SMS Notifications To Parents
  • Raise Invoices For Late Collection & Non-notification
  • Personalised Messaging For Families At Sign-In & Sign-Out
  • Manage Emergency Evacuation Procedures


  • Child Care Subsidy Approved Integration
  • Direct Communication With Centrelink/Services Australia
  • Complete Session Reporting, Data Refresh & Required CCS Tasks


  • Send & Manage Statements
  • Claim Inclusion Support Subsidy (ISS) Funding
  • Receipt Parent Payments
  • Approve & Manage Enrolments
  • Track Vacation Care Permissions


  • Manage Bookings Online
  • Complete Enrolment & Re-enrolment Via Any Device
  • Family Account & Profile Information Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Becklyn software replace all our existing processes?
It may in some cases, but on the whole our software is specifically written with your centre management and administrative processes in mind so there should be little disruption or change. However, if you have some unique programmes or processes it is flexible enough to simply reconfigure to intregrate those requirements.
How long will it take for our centre staff to learn the new software?
To some degree this will depend on how tech-savvy most of your staff are, but the Becklyn OSHC software has been developed over a number of years with feedback and reviews from OSHC Centre staff and management and we beleive its user interface and structure is extremely easy to use and shouldn't take too long at all to start perfoming everyday tasks and master administrative functions.
Will Becklyn assist with the training of our staff?
Absolutely, training is considered to be part of the implementation process and ensures that your centre and our support staff make the most of the software.
If we need some customisation or new function, how easy would this be?
Again, our software is designed to be extremely flexible, in the unlikely event that it doesn't support a requirement Becklyn can assist you to setup, configure or potentially reprogram to suit your needs.

Still Have Questions?

Want to find out more about the Becklyn Difference, or just want to talk to a real person? Contact Becklyn today and one of our consultants will be happy to answer any questions or discuss your requirements.