Outside School Hours Care

Administration Support

Becklyn is an OSHC administration expert. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we provide administration as our core service to centres across the entire country.

utilising the Becklyn Centre Management Software, we will manage CCS data sends, parent payments, calendar bookings, enrolment and plenty more, freeing up centre staff to focus on the centre and kids.

Becklyn administration services removes the burden on senior staff allowing them to concentrate on more productive tasks and strategic projects.

Management Areas

Family Account Management

  • Statement Building & Sending Debit Information
  • Receipting Parent Payments
  • Debtor Management & Collection


  • Submission of CCS Enrolment Information
  • Submission of Session Reports
  • Refresh of CCS information & Subsidy Applications
  • Inclusion Support Claim


  • Payroll & Award Reviews
  • Annual Budgetary Process
  • Preparation of Termly Accounts
  • BAS, IAS & Superannuation Lodgement
  • Annual Financial Accounts Audit


  • Workers Compensation
  • Business Insurance
  • Insurance Policy Management


  • Upload of Transactions For Payment of Invoices
  • Account Signatory Maintenance


  • PRODA Updates
  • Australian Business Register Updates
  • Fair Trading Documentation Updates

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Becklyn take total control over our finances?
No, our team are there to support you and our OSHC Centre Management sotware solution assists with managing your financial records and reporting. Your Centre Director, Management Committee or Board maintain control of the centre's finances.
Can we automate things like invoicing, receipting and collections?
Yes, absolutely, Becklyns OSHC Centre Management software is purposely built to help with automating and managing all your family/parent account requirements.
Are things like CCS and ISS included or supported?
Yes, our administration team and software are well versed with the requirements of Services Australia regarding CSS, ISS and many more Government service provisions.
Are Services Australia enrolments and session reports online?
Yes, the Becklyn OSHC Centre Management software is accredited with Centrelink/Services Australia for applications, enreolments and reporting, including several other functions.

Still Have Questions?

Want to find out more about the Becklyn Difference, or just want to talk to a real person? Contact Becklyn today and one of our consultants will be happy to answer any questions or discuss your requirements.