Outside School Hours Care

Management Support

Becklyn offers a complete OSHC Centre support & management option. We maintain a team of senior OSHC experienced staff with various qualifications and skill sets.

Our specialist team can run a centre or group of centres on behalf of the Management Committee or owners in the case of Community based OSHCs where volunteer committees may not have the time and experience to deal with the required day to day tasks of OSHC management.

Becklyn acts as a transparent intermediary between centre Directors and Management Committees.

Management Support

Agreed Contract & Specific KPI's

  • Compliance Management
  • Centre Staffing and Human Resources Management
  • Complete Financial Management & Reporting
  • Weekly Operations Staff Meetings
  • Detailed Termly Management Reporting

Provision of Becklyn OSHC Specific Management Software

  • Family Account Management
  • Management of Childcare Subsidy Software
  • Payroll & Staff Management
  • Financial Administration

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Becklyn replace the current management function or positions?
No, the Becklyn staff and software act as an intermediary between centre Directors and Management Committees streamlining reporting, daily business and administration tasks freeing management and other staff up for more important projects or activities.
Are Becklyn staff located on site at our centre?
Generally not, but during software implementation or physical compliance audits and training there may be a need from time to time.
How do we know whats going on within our centre now?
Becklyn still reports directly to your centre management and committees, keeping within agreed contractual guidelines and requirements, not to mention conforming to KPI's set by yourselves.
Can centre management or committee member access information held about our centre and its families??
Absolutely, either through the Becklyn Centre Management software Centre Portal, or if needed directly with our centre administration team.

Still Have Questions?

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